Floristry Courses



Introduction to Floristry Course

(2 day course = R4495)

This course is designed for the absolute beginner as well as the more experienced florist.

It is a challenging course which covers a wide variety of techniques and designs that are popularly used in floristry, but are also useful to the hobbyist and homemaker.

An absolute must for all who wish to start a career in floristry.

This course covers traditional and more modern creative designs, and in this way it should appeal to everyone.

It is a hand-on course including background knowledge and practical skills training.

Six arrangements are completed during this course.

Skills training topics:

  • Purchasing and handling of flowers
  • Conditioning and care of fresh flowers
  • Basic design concepts
  • Shapes and styles of arrangements
  • Colour and its effects
  • Choice and use of containers
  • Methods of arranging and support mediums for stems
  • Working with attributes in arrangements

Practical skills training:

  • Round country bowl
  • Modern vase of flowers
  • Line arrangement
  • Hand-tied Spiral Bunch
  • Phalaeonopsis orchid arrangement
  • Arrangement using branches/sticks

What you will get:

  • Take home all the arrangements you have made.
  • A booklet of illustrated notes.
  • A certificate of attendance.

Basic Bridal Floristry Course

(2 day course = R4995)

It is preferable that you have worked in some way with flowers before doing this course, but not essential, and if you are good at copying and keen to learn, you can do this course.

All the items are demonstrated in detail in the classroom after which everyone makes their own arrangement with Gerda available to assist.

It is advisable to do the Introduction to Floristry Course as well in order to get all the background skills training regarding the handling of flowers, design, etc.

As we do not cover guest table arrangements and ideas in this course, the Introduction to Floristry Course will also assist with ideas and techniques for guest table arrangements. 

Skills training topics:

  • Learn the basics of making standard popular bridal bouquets.
  • Make a parallel hand-tied bouquet with all the trimmings;
  • A spiral hand-tied bouquet
  • A teardrop bouquet in a foam bridie holder.
  • Learn how to advise brides about their floral needs and how you need to plan for the day.
  • Learn all the techniques of making various corsages, buttonholes (traditional and modern).
  • Learn how to make a wrist corsage and coronet,
  • How to work with flower glue, hot glue gun
  • The techniques of wiring and taping flowers.
  • Make a traditional shaped bridal table arrangement
  • Make a large front-facing arrangement for a church or reception.

What you will get:

  • Take home all the bouquets and arrangements that you made at the course.
  • A booklet of illustrated notes.
  • A certificate of attendance.

Gift Hamper & Ribbon Making Course

(2 day course = R4495)

Day to day floristry in the commercial world is all about giving gifts or sending some form of gesture for a variety of occasions. 

Gift hampers and plants form a large part of these gestures and are gaining immense popularity. One reason for this is that it might last longer than flowers do and also it is edible which gives pleasure to the senses of taste as well as sight.

Some folk feel uncomfortable in giving flowers, and then a well-wrapped bottle of wine or a beautifully decorated gift hamper, or even a basket with an assortment of flowering plants fulfills the purpose.

This is something that one can easily do from home for an extra income, as the products have a better shelf-life than flowers and can be bought in advance and stored until required.

Also useful for corporate gifting with a personal touch.

Skills training topics:

  • Make a variety of hampers (gourmet, tea-time, pamper, baby, kiddies, fruit & flowers, plants, wrap a bottle, and more…);
  • Learn how to choose products, containers, themes to make delicious and eye-catching gifts;
  • Learn to make a variety of ribbons to decorate the gifts;
  • Gift wrap a bottle in various ways;
  • Decorate a single plant;
  • Make a planter basket.

What you will get:

  • Go home laden with gifts and new ideas!
  • Take home all the hampers and gifts that you made at the course.
  • A booklet of illustrated notes.
  • A certificate of attendance.

My Florist Business Course

(2 day course = R4495)

Learn what the florist business is all about. 

Tap into Gerda’s 20 years of experience in running a successful florist chain in Cape Town. This is a theoretical course with a colourful slide presentation of all the aspects below. We do some hands-on calculations and simulate in-shop scenarios. We discuss the following during the course:

· Setting up shop and shop decor

· Taking orders

· Customer care

· Deliveries

· Costing

· Buying and suppliers

· Florist relay systems

· Products

· Corporates and accounts

· Keeping books of account

· Registration of business

· Website and social media

· Events and weddings

· Quality and dealing with complaints